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Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta




This repository provides access to research published since 2008 by the Board of Governors and all 12 Federal Reserve Banks on topics related to employment, unemployment, and workforce development. Our aim is to make this resource a vital tool for researchers, students, and all those interested in the economics of labor markets and workforce development.

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Featured Resources

What the Federal Reserve Is Doing to Promote a Stronger Job Market. Speech by Chair Janet L. Yellen to the 2014 National Interagency Community Reinvestment Conference, Chicago, IL. Federal Reserve Board of Governors, March 31, 2014.

Effect of Aging on Labor Force Participation Rates in the Mountain States. Felix, Alison, and Sam Chapman. The Rocky Mountain Economist. Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, First Quarter 2014.

Youth Unemployment Notably High in Southern Europe. Eubanks, James D., and David G. Wiczer. The Regional Economist. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, April 2014.

Reasons for the Decline in Prime-Age Labor Force Participation. Pitts, Melinda, John Robertson, and Ellyn Terry. macroblog. Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, April 10, 2014.

Which Estimates of Metropolitan-Area Jobs Growth Should We Trust? Elvery, Joel, and Christopher Vecchio. Economic Commentary. Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, April 1, 2014.

Discouraged Workers: What Do We Know? Ravikumar, B., and Lin Shao. Economic Synopses 6. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, March 14, 2014.




This information is provided to subscribers, friends, faculty, students and alumni of the School of Industrial & Labor Relations (ILR). It is a service of the Institute for Workplace Studies (IWS) in New York City. Stuart Basefsky is responsible for the selection of the contents which is intended to keep researchers, companies, workers, and governments aware of the latest information related to ILR disciplines as it becomes available for the purposes of research, understanding and debate. The content does not reflect the opinions or positions of Cornell University, the School of Industrial & Labor Relations, or that of Mr. Basefsky and should not be construed as such. The service is unique in that it provides the original source documentation, via links, behind the news and research of the day. Use of the information provided is unrestricted. However, it is requested that users acknowledge that the information was found via the IWS Documented News Service.










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