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[IWS] Work Foundation (UK): HEALTHY WORK: PRODUCTIVE WORKPLACES [December 2005]

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Work Foundation

Healthy Work: Productive Workplaces
Why the UK needs more “good jobs”
David Coats, Associate Director, The Work Foundation & Catherine Max, Programme Manager, The London
Health Commission
[full-text, 69 pages]

The Work Foundation and London Health Commission believe that employment is one of the key determinants of health. There is an economic and a public health case for higher quality employment ­ and employers and businesses alike have important and distinctive roles in promoting health and wellbeing, and in tackling health inequalities.

As part of our shared commitment to engaging employers and other stakeholders, we hosted a joint seminar series during 2004 and 2005 to address the questions: What can employers do to make employment healthy? What can policy-makers do to support this? This built on work we have been undertaking separately, such as the Commission’s London Works for Better Health programme and the Work Foundation’s input to the Choosing Health White Paper consultation.

Our discussion paper Healthy Work, Productive Workplaces brings together our thinking on the relationship between health, work and productivity. It is a challenge to government, employers and the unions to rethink their whole approach to management, job design, skills development and skills utilisation. Our call is for a more sophisticated public conversation about the linkages between work and health ­ we look forward to taking this forward together and hope you will join us in debating the issues and putting “good jobs” at the heart of the UK economy.

Press Release 30 December 2005
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